microblogging (frontends)

16 Nov 2022

  • vital for gotosocial, desirable for hometown
  • could run on server alongside backends
  • Pinafore: admirable attitude, if still excessively JavaScripty, but might do?
  • Brutaldon: simpler, smaller, preferable? but threw particularly surprising and obstructive error when i first tried to install it, so ’d need to investigate further
  • wonder about an option for those logged into slow shell media…? toot? tut? (by this stage are we effectively in or approximating gemini tinylogs tui territory? yes and no)

working title snailspace

12 Dec 2022

spose i'd better figure these out


well, i got a Pinafore going. the tacit installation procedure was a simplified version of that for Mastodon, followed by a bit of improv to get it pootling on continuously.

  • generally speaking, much more responsive and intelligible than Hometown/Mastodon’s own web interface
  • i’m not sure how we’d prevent the general public from going through our Pinafore address to log into their accounts on other servers, and overwhelming our computing resources?
  • Pinafore offers various colour-schemes for users to choose from, but i find when this setting has been changed, sometimes the whole interface flickers momentarily back to the default. so, look out: neuro hazard! and eyesight hazard, in gloomy conditions?
  • seems the author’s kind of over it, so as web browsers continue to metamorphose and introduce incompatiabilities, i would expect the Pinafore software to fall gradually into disrepair—unless others take it on
  • there is talk of Hometown incorporating Pinafore code to become Hometown’s default web interface

working title snailspace

03 Aug 2023

heartening news…


a very conspicuously accessibility-oriented developer has revitalised the Pinafore concept as Semaphore!


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