offline social media

16 Nov 2022

i’m focusing for now on Scuttlebutt

  • because it seems to be easy for the untechy to join? and already thriving. and despite not requiring a server, a central meeting point for a community could still actually enhance its usefulness?
  • offline oriented, marvellous.
  • variety of software choices
  • looks as though we could host an invite-only “pub”, storing copies of members’ stuff, for maximum ease of catching-up-on-things?
  • or a “room”; no storing, just connecting members from afar when they visit at the same time?
  • big ol’ downside: for time being, no guaranteed deleting of posts or profile info; have to wait for distributed records to fizzle out, which may or may not ever happen (or for future technical solution, which seems less likely?)
  • nother caveat: accounts are tied to particular devices?

related ideas: sneakernet revival concepts etc etc and sorry to be all sickening gemini whimsy again but offpunk+certs+tinylog?

which reminds me… also code respositories might be something to wait and see and incorporate if need arises? if any of us were to start adapting/writing software or collaboratively written guides/ethosy-things for/on/around the server? might as well host that which would facilitate collaboration ourselves?

working title snailspace
for someone with just about no will to code my ideas sure lean some ways hey? yikes
weird that i keep plugging gemini tinylogs given that i have never enjoyed any
less weird i keep crying offpunk seeing as it works how mainstream desktop web browsers used to before they all assumed frequent connection
but with the added advantages of a much more sensible protocol and a textual interface
do i find substantial fault with it absolutely but generally i appreciate the taking of such an approach
and were it not for problems not of its fault Would I Have Been Using It Habitually
(offpunk that is comma the many ‟it‟s)
sorry sorry pardon my tangent

your responses