so, shell media

16 Nov 2022

  • ssh in (sounds more intimidating that it is?)
  • helpful templates and how-to type guides in useful places!
  • fish (friendly interactive shell) as default?
  • and a kind-enough web browser for perusing fish’s help docs and so forth?
  • beginner-welcoming browsers for other protocols? (and/or.. takes some getting used to, but… offpunk’s a double-or-triple threat?)
  • internal email? (for talking amongst selves? for distributing journals newsletter-style but in private?)
  • ..games? do people play games?
  • other nice/useful things by request?
  • hosting (see next few scheduled posts)… maybe with alternative means (sftp? web form?) of publishing stuff

problem: anyone with root access (and there’d need to be at least one of us; ideally, longer term, two or three?), they could poke around in unencrypted files that anyone else stores or unwittingly generates (as well as scrutinise access logs and such). which, sure, welcome to the internet… but it’s nevertheless potential for abuse, and distinctive in that a) the parties would all have personal relationships with each other and b) part of the appeal of the space (especially of any corners closed to the general public) is likely to be its perceived safety/privacy/trustworthiness? i’m not (yet?) au fait with what low-fuss measures might exist for precluding this risk.

working title snailspace

your responses