@ yous*

*people i follow here; people who (at time of this post) follow me here; our dearest mutual fronds, anywhere; various brilliant folks i’ll have to contact in other ways. (loosely speaking)

would any of yous be interested in being part of some sort of very small, firmly noncommersh online social network? perhaps something from which trusted friends could interact with global/federated networks, as well as huddle in to talk amongst ourselves out of such a public gaze…?

since (well, and before) joining a very populous proof‐of‐concept in bookwyrm.social, i have been itching to host something more intimate — definitely no more than a hundred people; probably less than a dozen… or two dozen if it really takes off.

any thoughts/feelins you might have are extremely welcome: on technical aspects, on cultural ones, on all considerations important to you.

my skills are very much playing catch‐up with m’aspirations, so no way can i promise to manifest any particular platform, but here are a few contenders that i would love to hear your impressions of:

and any opinions on the running of the joint? (should/how could we go about distributing the administrative load? what guidelines to draw up before going live? policies of use and moderation? avenues for revision to these? approaches to choosing who to invite and when? practices to instil in the culture of the place? safety measures?) i get the impression that an unformalised get-togeth of my favourite people to be internetted with3 would already all gel pretty well in terms of interests, ethics, and expectations. but even so, i’m wary of establishing a setting dominated or dominable by whiteness, for instance. it’s also very possible that the software will diverge from my own access needs (every so often or permanently) — so initiator absenteeism is a major factor to at least be aware of — and you can safely expect that i’ll remain a novice at sysadminnnning whatever the duration of the place. but that’s partly the point; folks just, y’know, havin a go; not waiting on pros and established amateurs to somehow redistribute themselves that they might supply a whole world’s worth of community‐controlled infrastructure eternal.

anyway, what do you reckon?

working title snailspace
slow and smol
a gathering of @@@@@@s

your responses



slow shall meet ya!


so shell media!


one degree of kevin bacon? compared with say 3 of my bringing-in plus 3 each of theirs plus 3 each of theirs plus an occasional extra one of theirs, or something?